Tuesday, October 25, 2005

In the Deck - London Edition: IDM

I just got back from London this week with some new tunes. It has a been a dream to shop and attend a concert at one of the meccas for electronica music: London, England. In reality, the experience lasted 1.5 hours under old school 1980's headphones. The shop owners were very savvy about idm, house, jazz, and hip-hop. However, I focused my query on non-US idm artists. As a result of the query, one of the owners gave me over 15 cds to digest. In my opinion, 7 of the 15 cds were great from start and the remaining 8 could grow on me. Unfortunately, I came home with only four cds due to a nasty Pounds to US Dollar conversion rate. I did manage to log the remaining titles for future acquisition. Finally, shout out to Smallfish Records for providing an refreshing musical journey in time.

In my deck - (all can be found on the Smallfish website with Real Audio samples):
Nautilus & Uga - awkward 20
Firo - Paddle (the light court album is good too)
Boc Scadet - Temporary Oceans
Oto-graph - To Shine


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